Youth, our common future

It is a great joy for me to find myself among you and to speak for a moment. The end of the last century and the beginning of the 21st century could have been a decisive moment in the development of Africa, but factors of all kinds still prevent it from finding its way.

Some will say that there are difficulties apparently Insurmountable problems facing Africa. But it is all a matter of leadership and vision, that is, the ability to engage our compatriots on a positive and constructive path to the future. Indeed, we need to implement a comprehensive and forward-looking vision that recognizes young people as agents of change, social transformations, peace and sustainable development.

The ultimate goal of a national youth policy is to enable our political leaders, with duties and rights holders, to create and sustain an environment that enables young people to exercise their rights and responsibilities, to prosper as Human beings, to be heard, to participate and to be valued as social actors and holders of knowledge as well as new and promising ideas.

These conditions are a key element in unlocking their capacity to promote a culture of peace and sustainable development and to eradicate poverty. But how could it be possible to speak before this youth, who is the future, without letting the future escape from my mind? I would have offended you by too much prudence; For whatever may be your feeling on the substance of things, you are all too free-spirited to accuse me of having asserted here that high hope, which is the light of my life.

It is therefore of a free spirit too, that you will welcome this other great novelty which is announced by multiple symptoms: sustainable peace between nations, sustainable development on the basis of reciprocal interests in a spirit winners-winners, Respecting the dignity of each of the parties.

Courage is to seek the truth and to say it. In this way, for our part, in this youth which is our future, we want at all costs to contribute to the change of Africa for the better and we Believe that this generation can make a difference. With the flawless support of our elders of course. I am convinced that you, the young people of the country of honest men, Africa, will be able to bring much in this great fight.

Long live youth!
Long live the return to values!
Long live the development of hearts!
And Long live the renewal of Africa! – avec Jean Marc Henry.

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